What You Will Gain

  • Get Grounded

    Learn about various Automation tools and how they come together to drive digital transformation.

  • Maximize Your ROI

    Risks of failure with Automation are high. We provide you with the required tools, skills and framework to become digital leaders.

  • Understand Cost & Timing

    Selecting the right technology, vendor and Automation tools can make all the difference. Learn about your options and upfront costs.

Topics Covered In this Course

    1. Learning Objectives

    1. Understanding The Different Pieces of IA

    2. Building the Case - Why IA is Imperative for Business Success

    3. Understanding IA Jargon

    4. The Evolution of IA & Best Vendors to Use

    5. IA Case Study Video - Debit Card Dispute

    6. Chapter Summary

    1. What is RPA and Its Role in IA

    2. What to Expect With RPA and How to Pick the "Right" Process for Automation

    3. Application of RPA - Case Study Video

    4. RPA Chapter Summary

    1. What is AI and Its Most Critical Capabilities

    2. Machine Learning (ML)

    3. Artificial Intelligence + RPA Case Study Video

    4. Artificial Intelligence Chapter Summary

    1. What is Human-in-the-Loop?

    2. Human-in-the-Loop Case Study Video

    3. Human-In-The-Loop Chapter Summary

    1. How to Pick the Right Process for IA

About this course

  • $200.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

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Meet Your Instructor

With over 20 years of business transformation, process management & automation experience, Sheila honed her skills at 3 General Electric Businesses – Plastics, Healthcare and Capital.  As a member of GE’s senior leadership team she leveraged her deep experience in emerging technologies, data and voice of customer analytics to deliver business transformation strategies, reducing operational expenses and improving client retention.  Sheila devised and implemented roadmaps that delivered growth in excess of $350 million, record customer satisfaction and productivity.   

As the co-founder of ProcessArc and trusted partner of institutions around the globe, she has helped her clients discover their potential for growth and improved client experience by taking a deep look at business processes. A sample list of her clients include: Thomson Reuters, Charles Schwab, Northwestern Mutual, Ally Financial, Exact Sciences & US Bank.

Sheila holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Waterloo. She has published a Lean Six Sigma book by McGraw-Hill.  Authored whitepapers for Filene Research Institute and American Society for Quality (ASQ) on the topics of Business Transformation, Intelligent Automation and Operational Excellence. Sheila is a regular guest lecturer at UWM and Milwaukee School of Engineering for executive programs. She is GE Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certified.